March 24, 2011

Costume Supercenter - Toddler Costume Review

My little girl is in love with Mickey Mouse and all his Playhouse friends so when I was given the opportunity by the Costume Supercenter to select a costume for review I knew that it would have to be the Minnie Mouse costume. Of course she was thrilled with it and has lots of fun playing dress up.

There are so many costumes to choose from on the site I had a hard time selecting just one and loved the variety for all ages and sizes. Normally it is hard to get costumes any time of the year besides Halloween but with the Costume Super Center they are available all year round. For anyone with children who love to play dress up or need a costume there are so many categories to choose for older kids and for infants and toddlers.           

The service and delivery with this site was superb. There is a tool that allows you to calculate how long it will take for delivery right to your door. This is great if you have an event coming up and are wondering how long it will take your costume to arrive. Once your order is placed you can track your parcel right on the site. We were happy with the service and the price of the costumes. Now I guess it is my turn to get a costume so that I can join in on dress up time in my house.


*Disclosure: I received this costume from Costume Supercenter to facilitate my review. The opinions within this review are my own.